Does  your child have attention issues?


Babies can do nothing wrong. They deserve all your love, all your time and all the best that you can give them.

Then they grow up and throw food at you. They become rude and disrespectful. They talk back to their teachers. They’re lazy and only do what they want to do. They shout and jump and give you a headache.

Why did your precious little baby become naughty, misbehaved or hyperactive?

Some blame the education system. They say that sitting for so many hours a day in a classroom is unnatural, that children learn best from engaging all their senses.

Some blame the food we eat – everything from sugar to artificial coloring to chemical additives are blamed for making our children hyper.

Some blame the over-stimulation that comes from video games, movies and cartoons.

While there’s some truth to all of these claims, the root cause is a lot more simple.

Attention issues are caused by “weak muscles” in the brain. The brain’s inability to work efficiently.

When your child finds something difficult, say reading, writing or football, he’ll lose confidence in it and do something easier. Over time he spends more time on the easier tasks and ignores the difficult tasks. As the brain’s “muscles” get weaker the difficult tasks become increasingly more difficult.

That’s when you begin to ask the most painful question: does my child have a problem?

The problem is inefficiency.

The solution is brain fitness.

At BrainFit Studio we focus on the root causes of attention disorders. Whether it’s your child’s visual processing systems, auditory processing, sensory-motor processing or lack of sensory integration.

Our caring staff give your precious children all the personal attention they need to strengthen their brain’s efficiency in the areas most lacking. 

As their brain’s fitness improves, tasks become more fun. More interesting. Their confidence grows, their academic performance improves and they start succeeding in all areas of life. 

Does your child have an attention issues or is it just a matter of brain efficiency?

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