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What is Fast ForWord® ?

Fast ForWord ® is an evidence-based English language and reading intervention program that uses a unique 3-step approach to deliver fast gains to all students including English language learners and struggling students.

Step 1

Fast ForWord prepares the brain for reading by improving the language and cognitive skills that are essential for ELLS and struggling learners (memory, attention, and processing speed).

Step 2

With Fast ForWord, each student receives personalized, intensive practice on a wide variety of language and reading skills — more than any other approach or intervention. Intensity is the key to getting far better results quickly.

Step 3

Using speech verification technology, our program listens to students as they read aloud, like a guided reading coach! Learners reinforce new language and reading skills and  rapidly build fluency and comprehension.

How does Fast ForWord work?

The ability to read starts with how the brain perceives and processes sound. Developed by world-renowned neuroscientists, Fast ForWord directly targets the underlying causes of language and reading difficulty. Here’s how the program builds the brain’s superhighways for reading and learning:

Who is Fast ForWord right for?

Fast ForWord is designed for all students including:

• English language learners
• Mainstream students
• Struggling learners
• Students receiving special education services, including SLI, SLD, OHI and Dyslexia

When is the Best Time to Use Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is easy to implement in a variety of settings, including at home, the classroom, computer lab, before and after school programs, and summer school.


What is included?

The Fast ForWord program includes 11 products and 88 exercises that provide intensive practice at each student's unique learning pace.


Fast ForWord Language and Reading Intervention Series

Fast ForWord’s exercises are available for students in grades K–5 and 6–12. The program's exercises correct the weak processing skills in learners, and then use that foundation to quickly develop critical language and reading skills. Best of all, students that use Fast ForWord continue to make gains even after they complete Fast ForWord!

Reading Assistant Guided Reading Tool

The single best practice for developing reading fluency is one-to-one guided oral reading. Reading Assistant is a one-of-a-kind digital reading resource available with every K–12 Fast ForWord subscription.

Unlike other reading practice tools, Reading Assistant uses advanced speech verification technology to provide real-time corrective feedback whenever students struggle with or mispronounce a word as they read aloud. It’s like having a personal guided reading coach for every student available 24/7!


Unrivaled Results and Research

No other reading and language intervention program have been as thoroughly researched and reviewed as Fast ForWord. The program has more than 55 patents in neuroscience and education and more than 250 research studies verifying its effectiveness.

Some of the most impressive independent research comes from Stanford and Harvard and shows actual physiological changes in the brain after struggling readers used Fast ForWord.

increase synaptic connections in students' brain after training on Fast ForWord

Through independent research from Stanford in 2003 and Harvard in 2007, we are able to see Fast ForWord create physical brain change as it builds new synapses and strengthens the neural pathways, specifically in the areas of reading.

After just eight weeks of use, weak readers developed brain activity patterns that resemble those of strong readers. As brain patterns change, significant improvements for word reading, decoding, reading comprehension, and language functions are also observed.


Results from the Classroom

In the years since they started using the Fast ForWord program,

schools in the St. Mary Parish School District in Louisiana

showed dramatic improvements in their reading achievement

as measured by the LEAP English Language Arts assessment.


Real-time Reporting and Formative Assessment Data

MyScilearn Reports

Implementation and performance reporting at the

district, group, and student levels improve

data-driven decision-making. Graphical depictions

show usage, performance, and learner

proficiency levels for every trial completed.


Reading Progress Indicator Assessments

The Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) is an assessment

that acts as a placement tool, ensuring learners are

placed into the program exactly where they need to be.

RPI assessments correlate to nationally recognized

normed assessments and also are used to help

indicate how learners are responding to

Fast ForWord as they progress through the program.



Results in Thailand

Ekamai International School

On average, after Fast ForWord participation,

students showed significant improvement in

their reading skills and academic achievement

with improvements of 5 months to 1 year

in Reading, Language, Math, Social Studies,

Science, and Sources of Information, during the 4 months between assessments.




7.7 Promotion !!

✨ Enroll today!  get 43% off

Promotion ends 31 July 2024

Hurry up! Limited seats available