BrainFit® CognitiveMAP (Pre-Post Assessment)



BrainFit® CognitiveMAP Assessment is a standardised whole-brain cognitive fitness and mindset assessment tool which aim to provide insights into learning capabilities, motivation, school or work performance and behaviours. 


Being cognitively fits mean having fast and well- connected brain networks needed to perform essential tasks quickly and accurately.


For example, when reading, if eye tracking is faster and more efficient, you are less careless and have more brain power for comprehension.
If working memory is robust and efficient, you can process and solve complex problems more easily.











The benefits of BrainFit® CognitiveMAP


It gives you insights into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
It helps you to understand the hidden drivers of your behaviours, learning capabilities and personal motivations.
It guides you on the cognitive strengths to exploit and the cognitive weaknesses to remediate.
It enables a personalised cognitive training plan to be designed and implemented.
It serves as an objective measure that allows you to track your cognitive growth over time.
















Here are some cognitive skills which may be tested in CognitiveMAP. The exact selection of test items is dependent on the age of the individual as well as evaluation goals.


1. Motor

1. Balance

2. Motor Planning

3. Eye-Hand Coordination 

4. Fine Motor Control


2. Visual 

1. Visual Memory

2. Visual Working Memory

3. Eye Tracking Speed

4. Visual Perception 

5. Visual Reasoning


3. Auditory

1. Auditory Memory

2. Auditory Working Memory

3. Word Discrimination 

4. Pitch Discrimination 

5. Language Working Memory 


4. Focus 

1. Processing Speed

2. Cognitive Flexibility 

3. Visual / Auditory Attention Stamina

4. Visual / Auditory Impulse Control


5. Emotions

1. Growth Mindset

2. Emotions Recognition

3. Emotions Regulation



Comprehensive Reports:


A comprehensive personalised report of about 15-20 pages which includes;


An overview of the individual's cognitive skills across all 5 brain "pillars"
Detailed analysis of performance strengths and weaknesses associated with each cognitive skill
Recommend strategies based on the result of each cognitive skill level









BrainFit® CognitiveMAP is suitable for:


  • Children aged between 4 - 18 years old

  • Assessment: 60-90 minutes 

  • Feedback result session: 30-45 minutes

  • Cost: 4,500 Baht only per child


BrainFit® CognitiveMAP has been standardised on more than 


5,000 Individuals
from different countries around the globe








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