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   ✔︎  Promote deep mathematical thinking.

   ✔︎  Encourage multiple strategies and solutions.

   ✔︎  Adapt to meet individual student’s needs.

   ✔︎  Spark mathematical discourse.

   ✔︎  Foster resilience and a growth mindset.

   ✔︎  Reduce math anxiety.



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Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a blended learning platform for K-3 math designed to guide better math learning and help students, and teachers, discover their love for learning math. Through rich tasks, Zorbit’s Math promotes critical thinking, creative problem-solving. Through rich tasks, Zorbit’s Math promotes critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and genuine numeracy development at every student’s level.


The blended resources in the Zorbit’s Math Adventure game and

the classroom resources library merge play and pedagogy like no one else.



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We are a suite of digital tools, hands-on resources and teacher supports that help you go beyond paper worksheets and teaching to a test.

As students play the game, our learning system collects and analyzes student performance data to reveal insights for teachers, schools and districts. When paired with teachers’ observations, it provides a crystal-clear picture of student performance. 

Customized content to match needs. Craft targeted assignments and use specific activity recommendations to help close gaps, cement strengths and promote a growth mindset.


"online math for school"


The research-proven Zorbit’s Math Adventure game is the foundation of the platform. The game-based activities foster creative problem-solving and conceptual understanding through rich math tasks embedded in a play-based adventure.


Reports for schools and districts

Stay connected to student growth across a school or an entire school board. The Admin Dashboard provides actionable insights that inform professional learning initiatives and support for teachers and students. No more waiting for last year's standard testing data.

"math for school""math for school"


Zorbit’s Math brings play and pedagogy together.

Our teacher tools and student resources build deep conceptual understanding while helping students discover their love for learning math.


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✔︎ Actionable Teacher Insights 

As students progress in Zorbit’s Math, teachers have visual reports that support efficient planning and delivery of customized lessons to target student needs.


✔︎ Adaptive Play-Based Learning 

Zorbit’s Math sends students on a play-based adventure that is uniquely personalized to them and fully aligned to your standards. 


✔︎ Supported by Research 

Driven by the latest pedagogical research, independent studies show that Zorbit’s Math significantly improves student math scores. 


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✔︎ We’re committed to supporting you!

We give teachers the tools, resources, and support they need to create amazing learning experiences every day. Our embedded PD tools and Teacher Success Team provide on-demand support. Whether you want tips, lesson planning ideas, or to just nerd-out on some pedagogy, we’re here to elevate everyone’s confidence in the classroom. 




A new Math Experience for Grades 4-6 





Mathstoria is a suite of curriculum-aligned tools designed to elevate math learning in grades 4-6. The Mathstoria digital learning game is the foundation of the platform. It takes students on an interactive mathematical journey that builds conceptual understanding via story-driven math tasks that both students and teachers will love.




Mathstoria is a curriculum-aligned learning game for students in grades 4-6 from the makers of Zorbit’s Math Adventure.

Mathstoria takes students on a narrative-driven mathematical journey that will help them build their conceptual understanding of math, practice their skills, and celebrate the beauty of math in a rich, interactive game world.




Mathstoria shares the same dashboard as Zorbit’s, giving teachers access to all the features that make Zorbit’s blended learning so powerful, including real-time formative assessment, a robust library of hands-on classroom activities and math talks, ability to create digital assignments, and user-friendly lesson planning tools, all supported by the Zorbit’s teams’ strong teacher training and professional learning offerings.


Mathstoria was once a utopian world that melded together a rich natural ecosystem and innovative architecture in novel and beautiful ways. It was home to the Pythagorans - a technologically advanced society who believe in the beauty of math, and see math in everything they do.


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Today, however, Mathstoria is a barren wasteland. Students must apply their knowledge of mathematics to transform this post-apocalyptic dust bowl overrun by mysterious machines into a rich civilization and ecosystem. Along the way they will farm and harvest crops, design their town, battle robots, make fascinating friends, and slowly uncover the mysteries of Mathstoria and the Pythagorans, with math as their ally every step of the way.



Mathematical problem-solving is the core of the student’s experience in Mathstoria. It forms the basis of every action students must take. Mathstoria follows the same educational design principles that have made Zorbit’s Math Adventure so popular amongst math professionals - a focus on giving students rich interactive models to work with, as opposed to multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank problems.



For example, in Mathstoria, students have access to myriad models and representations to solve problems. They are encouraged to answer questions in a variety of ways, using their own strategies. This open-ended approach to solving problems will enhance students’ depth of understanding by making connections between different models. An adaptive learning system scaffolds students from concrete to abstract, adapting to their needs and supporting them with feedback. The end result allows students to explore math in a fun and interactive way, tailored to every individual student.


Mathstoria builds in a wide array of topics and themes to support students’ cross curricular learning and well-being.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

DEI is a core design principle of Mathstoria. Every student will see themselves in the wide array of characters they will meet on their journey. Cultural identity is brought to the forefront of the narratives, even telling the stories of a diverse range of real-world historical mathematicians.



Students are exposed to the principles of coding and computational thinking as they
journey through Mathstoria in an effort to rebuild the ecosystem, battle robots, and discover
the mysteries of the Pythagorans.



Themes of biodiversity, ecology, and sociological change are embedded throughout Mathstoria as students rebuild the land’s ecosystem after a devastating collapse. This presents teachers with consistent opportunities to use Mathstoria as a provocation in lessons and discussions throughout science, social studies, and language arts.


Social-emotional learning (SEL)

Students will be sent on game quests that tie directly into SEL topics such as social awareness, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, and relationship skills.


The beauty of math

Mathstoria is a true celebration of the joy and beauty of math. Math is never the student’s obstacle in the game - it is always an ally. Moreover, the student’s character and the myriad characters they will meet along the way all see math as something to enjoy and that enriches their lives.























Mathstoria is a student-facing experience that ties directly into the whole Zorbit’s ecosystem of teacher resources, tools, and support. 


Key features of the system include:


"math for primary"


Real-time formative assessment of each student’s performance and progress based on game activity and learning objective;

Close alignment to all provincial curricula and state standards in North America

● Assignments allow teachers to focus students on specific curriculum objectives of their choice

A robust lesson library with a wide range of individual and group activities, math talks, lesson plans, exit tickets, and cross curricular activities to support teachers in everyday lesson planning

Comprehensive onboarding and professional learning for teachers to help them get the most from their experience with Zorbit’s/Mathstoria

● Mathstoria will be available in both English and French. Subscriptions to Mathstoria will include Zorbit’s Math Adventure, and vice versa.


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