LIVE Webinar: Making the Most of Online School & Technology Use – A Brain-Based Perspective



LIVE Webinar


" Making the Most of Online School & Technology Use "

- A Brain - Based Perspective 



Topic: Making the Most of Online School & Technology Use - A Brain - Based Perspective

Date: Thursday, 12th November 2020 

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Bangkok Time)

Suitable for: School administrators, teachers, counsellors, psychologists, allied educators, therapists, parents or anyone interested in the learning brain.

Cost: Complimentary!



“ Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. ”  - Albert Einstein -



The pandemic has forced many schools to close and move online abruptly. This has caused disruptions for all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers and administrators. From managing the short attention spans of preschoolers to motivating disengaged teens, the online school experience has brought about challenges, lessons and stresses for many. There are also concerns about the extended use of technology and devices in our children.


In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges of distance learning and technological use from a brain-based perspective for students from preschoolers to teens. We’ll also explore ways to maximise this experience and provide ideas to make the most for all who are learning or teaching from home. A shift in paradigm, expectations and deliverables, or a fresh way of looking at education, may help all of us to come out more successfully from this unwelcomed situation.



Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the real constraints on students’ attention and focus with home-based learning 
  • Explore a fresh paradigm in shifting focus from the “what” of learning to the “how” of learning, which may be more aligned with the online school experience 
  • Learn about the latest brain-based advices on technological use in children from preschoolers to teens 



Featured Speaker:

Ms. Cheryl Chia, Founder and Director of BrainFit

With more than 20 years’ experience in brain fitness training, Ms Cheryl Chia is an accomplished physiotherapist, who is also the founder of BrainFit, an entity that specialises in scientific brain fitness training. Cheryl holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia.

She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Hospital, Singapore and was also the overall coordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy there. She has lectured in Nanyang Polytechnic and is a much sought-after speaker, including at events organised by MediaCorp, the Child Guidance Clinic, schools and international brain-based learning conferences.

She is a frequent invited guest on Parenting Made Easy Radio 93.8, where she shares her expertise on brain fitness to help parents raise smarter and more resilient children. Cheryl is also an author and a mother to two young girls.



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Feedback from our participants (Webinar 15th October 2020):

" Learning about how to rewire the brain and engage it in learning. "

" It was very complete, scientifically-based, up to date, very clear. "

" How to practice the brain ability to transfer information that can be related into teaching "

" Easy to understand and useful information about how to improve your brain capacity through diet, sleep and physical exercises "





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