High School MATH Solution



High School Math Solution


The simplest, most flexible path to research-proven math results


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MATHbook MATHia® work together to engage high school students (G.9-12) with various learning experiences they need to deeply understand key mathematical concepts, while delivering you powerful, real-time insights to help you meet your goals.


A Forward-Thinking Approach to 

High School Math Instruction


Help your high school students understand what they’re learning in a deeper, more conceptual way with our combination of cognitive and learning science, practical instruction, and research.



Make learning meaningful for your students. Our materials help you to engage them with real-world examples, encourage them to collaborate, and leverage personal experiences to make learning real for them.



Prepare them for the future. Independent learning opportunities help students get the specific 1-to-1 support they need, while group activities help them refine important social skills.



You know that math is more than memorization, and so do we. Our ongoing formative assessments demonstrate what students are (or aren’t) learning, so you can make adjustments to accommodate their needs.















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The High School Math Solution Includes:


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Student Resources



I am a record of student thinking, reasoning, and problem solving. Available as printed texts or eBooks.

My Purpose is to create mathematical thinkers who are active learners that participate in class.


MATHia® Software

I am a guide for students as they learn and practice key, mathematical concepts and skills. I feature real-time dashboards and assessments to give insight into where your students are and where they’re headed. 

My purpose is to coach students alongside you as they learn, practice, do and look forward.


Skills Practice

I am targeting mathematical skills and concepts practice for each topic in the Student Edition.

My Purpose is to provide additional practice worksheets.























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Teacher Resources


Teacher Implementation Guides

I am everything you need in one easy access place: topic introductions, pacing support tools, suggestions for grouping students, recommendations for how to connect collaborative and individual learning, and more.


MyCL Portal

I am a simple-to-use platform where you can access all of your Carnegic Learning products, resources, and reports. 

My Purpose is to help you to access and manage all of your products in one easy platform.



I am a set of summative tests that include a pre-test, post-test, end of topic tests, stadardized practice test, and a performance task for every topic. The ReadyCheck tool allows you to check student readiness to scaffold instruction.

My purpose is to measure the amount of learning each of your students has acquired throughout the learning process.



I am a collection of professional learning resources that provide support from our Master Math Practitioners, lessons prep videos, and a video library with extra coaching tips.

My purpose is to provide professional learning support that meets your specific classroom needs.



I am a live facilitation tool that gives you real-time updates on student progress, setbacks, and activity in MATHia®

My purpose is to provide an in-the-moment, actionable date to better understand and support your students’ specific needs.



I am real-time data on student learning at the individual, class, school and district level.

My purpose is to provide critical insight that helps teachers and administrators guide improved student outcomes.






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Comprehensive: Conquer all of the content. Built-in facilitation notes, planning support, and reporting dashboards help you cover all of the high school math curriculum during the school year. The consistent lesson structure will help your students understand where they are in the lesson and set expectations for each activity. Additional resources support math learning at home and highlight how math can be used in the future.


"Collaborative math solution"


Collaborative: Develop more critical thinkers. Our write-in textbooks encourage students to work in groups, not only to develop math skills, but to learn how to collaborate, create, communicate and problem-solve.


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1-1 Coaching: Students get personalized support and insight. Other software just tells students when they’re wrong. MATHia® provides real-time feedback and interactive examples to show students their errors and how to fix them. MATHia® continues to work with them until they get it on their own.


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LiveLab: Effectively manage your students in MATHia® with LiveLab, our live facilitation tool. Get in-the-moment, actionable data, such as when students are working or idle. Real-time alerts notify you when students need extra support and lets students know when they’ve reached math milestones. With support like that, it’s no wonder that LiveLab was named "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education" in the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards.


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Proof it Works


"high school math research"


In an independent “Gold Standard” study funded by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by the RAND Corporation, the Carnegie Learning blended approach nearly doubled growth in performance on standardized tests relative to typical students in the second year of implementation.

Our blended Math Solution meets ESSA Tier 1 “Strong” evidence standards. ➣




Perfectly Green

The green light is still on!


Our High School Math Solution earned all-green scores in all three gateways (Focus & Coherence, Rigor & Mathematical Practices, and Usability) in a 2022 report from EdReports.org.


We’re honored to continue our green streak from 2018.


High School AGA Reports ➣

High School Integrated Reports ➣

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